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1979? Relying On The Interviewer...[edit]

The pilot of Falcon Crest, the Vintage Years, was filmed in the spring of 1981. Mr Bawden apparently stated to Ms Wyman that she had been offered the role of Angela in 1979, but this is not actually verified by any other source. I'm afraid interviewers say many things and are often not corrected by the interviewee, who may not remember the exact events, but this is not reliable sourcing for an encyclopedia. To be offering parts in an unfinanced (and at that time probably unplanned) pilot movie to a big name star is pretty unheard of. Please can we obtain more reliable sources before making this 'hard fact'? There is also Earl Hamner's denial that he cast Ms Wyman as Angela Channing because her ex-husband had just been elected American President. Ronald Reagan was elected in November 1980. Mr Hamner never stated that he cast Ms Wyman before this election. Please see link, which includes screen caps, etc, from the first pilot:

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While I agree with your point that this one source may not be enough to support the unusual date, your conjecture that "interviewers say incorrect things" is not an accepted reason for dismissing a source. Bawden surely knew the pilot was taped in 1981, and if 1979 was a mistake it would have been quite obvious to him. Also, as someone who works in television and film, I can tell you that 2 years is a believable development period, and it is actually very common to attach name talent to a project early on to help secure financing and sell the idea to a network. That said, mentioning the 1979 casting date is not essential here, so you were correct to remove the challenged material. Thanks.— TAnthonyTalk 20:04, 8 September 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]